Dia-Tonic Incudil is to be taken twice a day:

1. Morning empty stomach, that is, before breakfast. After an interval of 5-10 minutes, you may have your breakfast or other medicines, if any.
2. Evening, before sleep. You may alternatively keep an interval of 5-10 minutes after your dinner.
3. Dosage of Dia-Tonic Incudil can either be taken in diluted form i.e. mixed with water or can be taken as it is.
We do not recommend this product be used by children.
Dietary Advice & Life style:

1. Avoid sweets, food products containing refined carbohydrates, glucose and sugar.
2. Restrict usage of potatoes, sugar beat etc.
3. Restrict sweet fruits, fried food, meat & egg preparation.
4. Freely take coarse cereals, green vegetable & fibre rich diet.
5. Walk 3 to 4 km a day, do yoga & exercise daily as advised by experts.
6. Avoid stress, strain & intake of alcohol.
Dia-Tonic Incudil contains “juice extracts” of 13 herbs, namely: Indian Kino Tree, Gymnema, Blackberry,Belliric myrobalan, Margosa, Chebulic myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Genugreek, Turmeric, Bitter Gourd, Tinospora, Chiretta, Picrorhiza Kurroa.
We recommend taking Dia-Tonic for at least 6 months to notice optimal health benefits.
Generally, effects of Dia-Tonic Incudil may be seen within 30 days.
No, Dia-Tonic Incudil is not recommended for purposes of controlling blood pressure.
No adverse/toxic effects have been observed in short/long term usage of Dia-Tonic Incudil in recommended dosage. But if you do experience any nausea, vomiting or diarrea, you may reduce dosage of Dia-Tonic Incudil for 2-3 days; or try diluting it with water.
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